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Quantum Alumni

  1. Amolak Ratan Kalra : MSc. in computer science, Calgary University, Prof. Robin Cockett
  2. Shubham Kumar : Ph.D., Sanghai University, QuArtist, Supervior: Prof. E. Solano
  3. Sayan Gangopadhyay : MSc. at University of Waterloo
  4. Swarnadeep Seth : Department of Physics, University of Central Florida OrlandoUSA
  5. Antariskha Das : QuTech, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Delft; The Netherlands
  6. Lingraj Kumar : Kyoto University, Japan, MS project (with stipend and travel expenses)
  7. Narendra Hegade : Ph.D., Sanghai University, QuArtist, Prof. E. Solano
  8. K. M. Anandu : Ph.D. position in NTHU, Taiwan

Quantum Partnership

If you want to maintain a partnership or collaboration and make your projects done by our team or mutual team, then please contact us how to proceed.

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  1. Bikash K. Behera (Owner, Founder, and CEO)
  2. Priyanka Dalei (Manager)
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