How quantum physics works ?

How quantum physics works ?

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ADITYA asked 1 year ago
SUBHASHISH BARIK replied 1 year ago

The answer to this question depends on the no. of words with in which you would like to have your answer 😛 Also, no matter how long the answer is, it won’t suffice to explain completely how quantum physics work. The reason being, even people who use it extensively struggle to understand the inner mysteries of its working.

I can answer though, how quantum physics is used. Quantum Physics is used through its power of superposition and entanglement. Quantum Physics is as natural as our bodily functions. It’s a how the nature works. To understand in detail, how we use quantum physics to understand the nature, I would strongly suggest you to read any basic book on the subject matter. If you tell me your background and expertise then perhaps I would be able to suggest you a book.

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answered 1 year ago

Springer books have excellent series on many such intresting topics like Foundations of Quantum Mechanics,D  Quantum to Classical Transition) and many more. U can refer them for detailed approach.