Terms & Conditions Policy

Terms and Conditions (students):

  1. Parents will be informed in a regular interval about the progress, all good and bad happenings of the student.
  2. Students residing in the hostel will be staying at their own risk, liability, and consequences.
  3. Boys and girls will be staying at their respective hostels, hence no boys or girls are allowed to enter another girl’s or boy’s rooms respectively.
  4. If there is any damage found in the room or theft/damages to hostel assets, it shall be recovered from all students involved.
  5. No ragging/harassment by any students to any other students is allowed. If any complaint by any student raises, then BQ will take action accordingly.
  6. Every student must sign the register when they join and leave BQ.
  7. If any student goes outside, he/she must inform the authority of BQ and sign the register.
  8. If any student faces any difficulty, he/she must have to talk and discuss with the authority of BQ and BQ will find the solution.
  9. If students get Ph.D./MSc./internship/job offers before the 1-year duration, then he/she can leave or stay at BQ premises and can do the course classes and be involved in the research work as per his/her wish.
  10. Students have to leave the BQ premises if they are found to demotivate other students and create problems in their research works of others.
  11. If any student gets a Ph.D. or MSc. or an internship offer, then he/she has to officially inform the authority of Bikash’s Quantum (BQ) as soon as possible.
  12. BQ will highlight the student’s achievement in its social media platform.
  13. BQ will highlight it’s students as alumni on the website and track their achievement in career.
  14. There is no refund of money once paid for the 1-Year Coaching (1CQC).